The CAPEX-online© database is the only source of systematic information on business investment in capital expenditure projects in Canada. The database focuses on greenfield and brownfield projects, or investments that contribute specifically to wealth creation. Traditional investment activity measurements often ignore these projects and instead place significant emphasis on mergers and acquisitions, which actually only represent capital flux between investors.

A database of investment projects worth more than $1.5 trillion, established in 2000

The CAPEX-online© database consolidates over 600 sources of information according to rigorous research and compilation criteria and standardized classification protocols, including sector, region and head office location.

CAPEX-online© uses Structured Query Language (SQL) technology to allow multifactor queries, making it easier for analysts and other users to generate rich statistical tables, mine data and, in combination with keyword searches, produce new information on investment practices, letting users detect changes in investment composition and corresponding shifts in the business climate.

Extremely accurate promotional strategies and selling points can then be built on the fundamentals of Canadian investment dynamics in a given sector, making it even easier to showcase recent unprecedented success stories.

Online access is simple, and users can customize features depending on their specific needs. For example, some organizations may require a large capacity for production sector (e.g., NAICS-6, NAICS-3) or industrial cluster queries, while others may focus on information related to job creation, geographical distribution, physical facilities (e.g., for industrial zone planning) or foreign direct investment (FDI).

Greenfield projects make up nearly 60% of the database

CAPEX-online©’s exceptionally fine granularity and statistical utility make it the perfect tool for targeting industry.





Foreign direct investment coming from 49 countries *



A Canada-wide database



… and a directory of green projects.