E&B  (Economic and Business) DATA is an investment-related economic and fiscal studies company whose clients include public administrations, large industrial companies, financial institutions, trade unions and associations.

E&B DATA has developed a range of products that provide unique insight into investment in Canada. The CAPEX-online© database makes it possible to spot investment trends by region, sector of activity, or country of origin. The Megaprojects Outlook, Focal Point, and Market Sleuth reports supply valuable information on the country’s major investment projects, foreign direct investment in Canada, and new investment opportunities.

E&B DATA’s team of experts build knowledge bases and providing strategic analysis of economic data and emerging trends to help their clients make the best possible decisions on attracting investment and investment strategy. E&B DATA‘s rigorous, innovative approach makes it a key player in the development of public policies at the national, regional, and local levels. E&B DATA has also improved on traditional direct, indirect, and induced economic and fiscal impact measurements by adding data on industrial and regional structuring effects.

E&B DATA provides economic analysis of investment through both impact studies and benefit-cost analyses focusing on investment in the industrial sector, including both large investors and supplier pools. E&B DATA also works in the transportation, infrastructure, tourism, and financial institution sectors.



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