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Publication on Business and Investment Opportunities in Canada

Market Sleuth profiles innovative industry segments representing business and investment opportunities in Canada. This monthly publication identifies and outlines niche markets and their business and economic context, highlights high impact companies and delineates their investment rationale, thus giving you an edge when designing and implementing your development strategies.


E&B DATA detects “weak signals” related to business growth. Repeated weak signals suggest a genuine but still “under the radar” activity. Our analytical approach, based on microdata mining and the expert assessment of our team of analysts, reveals new trends before they show up in statistics or the media. This strategic information gives you an advantage over the competition.

The analysis covers a period of ten years—long enough to include much more than the latest “flavour of the month” and other short-lived trends. Our research targets the reasons for a given sector’s performance, which would be next to impossible to detect without a fresh look at new data. The approach is not based on official statistics (e.g., Statistics Canada) and instead looks at more recent data, as well as sectors that are not yet included in standard classifications (e.g., NAICS).

Advantages over Similar Studies

Market Sleuth’s focus on Canada’s current market outlook sets it apart from generic international studies. Market Sleuth is the only regular publication to identify business opportunities that apply to the Canadian context. Competing reports identify major global industrial and technological trends but provide no information on actual investment opportunities currently emerging in Canada.


A series of tables and other analysis concisely and concretely illustrate the dynamic window of opportunity in niche markets:


Niches are found within the following sectors:

  • Biomedical Technology
  • Construction Technology
  • Security Technology
  • Transportation Technology
  • Energy Technology
  • Environmental Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Infrastructure
  • Agri-Food Products
  • Specialty Products




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