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Focal Point presents a profile of investment by foreign companies in Canada according to country, based on the CAPEX-online© database. The first edition covers a period of 10 years (2005–2014) and is available by country or group of countries (e.g., the World, European Union, Asia-Pacific, etc.). Each report examines foreign direct investment (FDI) dynamics in Canada, identifies trends and shows investment flows by region and sector, noting the most active investors. Tables and graphs illustrate investment statistics by region, province, period and sector. The publication also provides information on trade between the two countries, including industries and imported/exported products that indicate a positive trend in recent years.

Focal Point is a valuable source of information on FDI inputs for various industries. In addition to the historical and regional analysis, the reports provide an overview of the investment climate and are an excellent tool for designing targeted business strategies to attract investment.




Focal Point – World
Review of foreign direct investment projects in Canada 2005-2014

Publication date: August 2015

Content: Based on 1,800 capital investment projects by foreign investors in all industries and regions : more than $400 billion originating from 43 countries.
(4 pages, 16 tables and figures, pdf format)

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List of available reports

Price: $300 CAD + taxes
Publication date
Chine China November 2015 Focal Point - China
France France August 2015 Focal Point - France
Germany Germany August 2015 Focal Point - Germany
Japan Japan August 2015 Focal Point - Japan
Switzerland Switzerland August 2015 Focal Point - Switzerland
United Kingdom United Kingdom August 2015 Focal Point - United Kingdom
United States United States August 2015 Focal Point - United States
Asia Pacific Asia Pacific November 2015 Focal Point - Asia-Pacific
European Union European Union November 2015 Focal Point - European Union


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