E&B DATA regularly researches private capital investment projects on behalf of public sector clients at the federal, regional and local levels.
E&B DATA also conducts international benchmarking reviews of financial incentives and business attraction programs, develops promotional documents, and designs and conducts large-scale surveys of investors.


E&B DATA quantifies the economic, tax and job-creation contributions that your activities and investments make to the host community. Using proprietary techniques and analytics, including macro-economic simulations (input-output modeling) as well as micro-economic analysis (e.g. location and depth of supplier pools) E&B DATA generates the information governments need to gauge the economic and tax impacts of investments and projects.
E&B DATA’s approach goes beyond macro-economic analysis and includes regional and industrial, cluster-based development components. This approach has repeatedly allowed our clients to win government support, in terms of permitting or access to resources.


E&B DATA develops databases with information on companies in specific regions and sectors, such as mining, metallurgy, heavy industries and high technology. E&B DATA uses proprietary targeting techniques to identify companies and sectors offering potential business opportunities.


E&B DATA’s sector profiles are renowned for their pertinence and precision. We specialize in profiling new and emerging, hard-to-measure industries such as bioproducts, nanotechnology, medical device and machinery. The company’s proprietary methods have helped make E&B DATA a respected source of economic and industrial information.
E&B DATA products demonstrate the economic contribution of sectors which are not well covered by traditional statistical indicators.