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THE GREAT GAME : Industrial Megaprojects in Canada

Publication date : June 2012

Content : A unique review of the top 100 industrial projects in Canada: $300 billion to be invested.

(24 pages, 12 tables and figures)

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Latest news
Presents the most recent announcements of industrial investments as of April 2012. Includes projects that have been announced publicly or under construction.

From micro to macro
The analysis links megaprojects to the evolution of macroeconomic variables for each province such as GDP, changes in investment patterns, and employment. Detailed data by province is provided in the appendix section.

Targeted industries
In this issue: oil and gas, mining, primary metals, oil refining, automobile assembly and information technology.

Prospective analysis
The report provides the analyst with some tools to forecast future developments: socio-political issues related to specific areas, industrial development policies, identification of sectors to be monitored.

Detailed data
For an access to the detailed database or to subscribe to Capex-online, please contact

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